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The Company - Nueva Polar

The company

La Polar was founded in 1920 as a tailor in what is now known as Estacion Central, in 1953 becomes a store of multiple products with the name of La Polar. By the late 1980s, following the trend of other companies like Falabella, Paris and Ripley La Polar begins its expansion to become a local department store chain. Thus, between 1985 and 1986 opened its first stores in downtown Santiago (San Diego and Monjitas). In 1989 they enter the lending business to get their credit card for purchases at the chain.

The company began its expansion in Santiago and other regions over the next decade, reaching 12 stores in 1998, with an area of 24,100 sqm and 350,000 customers of their credit cards.

In 2003, the company initiates the transaction of its shares on the Santiago Stock Exchange in 2007; La Polar changes its brand image and begins to participate in malls after an alliance with Mall Plaza. Since 2010, La Polar totals 38 stores and an area of 160,000 sqm. Currently La Polar has 38 stores in Chile one of the leading companies in the retail sector in Chile, being the fourth player in the industry, with a market share around 10%.


They are a fundamental part of  La Polar. They are those who buy products in order to offer a wide range of possibilities to customers; They are those who manage the resources of the company and are responsible for informing consumers and the market, among many other functions that depict the key role in this company.

The team of La Polar is composed of talented and motivated , which means having a positive attitude , knowledge and skills for their care. This also means retaining the best talents reclutamientoy . Also, it generates the need to maintain a more efficient and projection in the company supplied.


La Polar is a company that sells products , and its credit card is another means to succeed in this goal. This idea covers the entire value chain involved in different areas of the company, from conceptualization to display in stores , so as to serve customers with excellence and opportunity.

Corporative Culture

It refers to fundamental values ​​for the operation, like as commitment, respect , transparency and excellence in management. Manage to be a company in which they work well and with a sense of urgency, where transparency is a value that is present in the relationship with all stakeholders.